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About Us

We are a gaming lounging center that offers a variety of gaming services to all our customers and fun lovers looking to hang out with their friends and family. So whether you are a hardcore gamer, a lite gamer, or an esports athlete, you will find something that suits your taste and preference at Crusifix Games and Lounge.

Our customers and clients can enjoy console gaming, VR gaming, simulation gaming, or PC gaming, with the latest and most sought-out gaming equipment and facilities.

We also host gaming and esports events, celebrate host birthday parties, and other fun, excitement-filled events. Crusifix Games and Lounge provide gaming device rentals, services, repairs, and installations, ensuring that your gaming experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Why we love what we do

We are a place where gamers and lovers of esports can experience the full opportunities that video gaming has to offer as a sport, and where people can have social engagements with friends and family.

Crusifix Games and Lounge is the ultimate destination for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Our aim is to become the number one brand that comes to mind, referenced, and preferred gaming center in Lagos state, Nigeria, and Africa. We aim to become the pacesetters in the gaming center and esports sector. We are more than just a gaming center, we are advocates of esports in Nigeria with a deep passion for it.

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